Escape & Red Lava Horse Riding

7 hours / VERY_EASY



This tour starts with about 5-7 km horseback riding, length depending on the experience of the riders. It is suitable for beginners and for more experienced riders as we can choose between routes in the area. We will either ride on a beautiful and smooth riding path along the Redhills or, for a group of more experienced riders, we will ride by the scenic lake Rauðarvatn. On both routes, you will enjoy natural riding paths and a wonderful setting for horseback riding where you will get to know the friendly Icelandic horse. Total tour duration is 2,5 hours,1,5-2 hours riding, after the riding we will take you down town and drop off at Reykjavik escape or at coffeehouse nearby for light refreshment(Not included) then you guys will get to Reykjavik escape for indoor activity. (5 min walk from shopping street Laugarvegur)

About Escape

Reykjavik Escape is a real life escape room venue offering live-action adventures unlike any other entertainment on the market. The concept is simple: We lock you and your team mates up in one of our mysterious game rooms, and give you exactly 60 minutes to escape.


The escape rooms are lined with hidden clues, riddles and mysteries that your team has to discover and/or solve to move forward and uncover the secret to escaping. Racing against time, the team must quickly collect ideas, calculate, link thoughts, try out different things and reach a conclusion that eventually may, or may not help them escape.

 Prison Break

You have been framed for a murder by a criminal mastermind, sentenced to death and locked up in a maximum security prison. Your cries of innocence have fallen on deaf ears and the only way to save yourself from execution is to escape.

 Looking for ways to escape you have discovered that it takes exactly one hour for the guards to make the rounds and check inmates. This is your window of opportunity – your last chance to save yourselves before the execution!


You and the group of players are back to childhood where you‘ve been kidnapped by a mysterious old lady. Waking up in a dark and creepy children‘s playroom, you realize there is no way out and you are trapped.

Fortunately, a little girl who managed to escape this room before left behind some clues for you to discover. In order to escape you must figure out who this mysterious woman is and why she kidnapped you! 

The Scientist

Rumour has it that the world renowned scientist Dr. Cisco, who has dedicated his life‘s work to finding a cure to cancer, has perfected a formula for curing cancer using a rare form of mushroom. You are employees of a pharmaceutical company that has given you orders to break into the scientist‘s office and steal his amazing discovery.


Breaking into the scientist‘s office, you trigger a silent alarm system that not only alerts the police but also locks the doors trapping you inside!


Last night you went out on town with some friends, but after the first toast at the bar... total black out! You wake up in a strange hotel room with no memories of last night, where you went or what you did. Bad as it is, the situation takes a turn for the worse when you find out that the doors are locked and you are trapped inside the room.

To get out you have to retrace and figure out exactly what you did last night... and good luck with that one!


Please note: We only pickup from Hotel,Guesthouse,BSI Bus Terminal in Reykjavik

What's included?

Included Pickup at your Hotel in Reykjavik and drop off at Reykjavik Escape *. Outdoor clothing Protection helmets Footwear