Blue Lagoon & Reykjanes

8 hours / VERY_EASY


Only a short drive from Reykjavík, one finds herself in a vast wilderness, where lava formations remain untouched and magical, holes with bubbling mud and superheated water with colors resembling colourful paintings. This tour will take you around Reykjanes to look at geology, volcanology, geothermal formations, mud polls and steaming hot spring, and you will learn about the geological history of Iceland. The tour ends in the relaxing atmosphere in the Blue Lagoon.

Pick up at your hotel around 8.30 AM (or 2.30 PM), or meet us at Harpa Opera House at 8.50 AM (or 2.50 PM). We will start our journey by driving through thrilling lava field on our way to the Reykjanes Peninsula.

We will drive past the Lake Kleifarvatn, which is a Lake formed solely by plate tectonics and rifting of the earth crust, the Eurasian and North American plates away from each other.

We will then stop at the Seltún geothermal area. At Seltún, the geothermal activity brings to the surface bubbling mud pools and steaming ground and colorful solfataras. The beautiful colours are due to sulphur and white and yellowish brown sulphates are deposited.

Then we will drive to one of the hottest places in Iceland, Gunnuhver. The temperature below the surface amount to about 300° C at this hot spring. Gunnuhver, is named after a female ghost, named Gunna, that was laid there.

Afterwards we will drive to the bridge between two continents. The bridge is a small footbridge over a major fissure, which is formed by tectonics and rifting of the two continental plates, Eurasian and North American plates, from each other.

The day tour ends in the relaxing atmosphere in the Blue Lagoon.

We drive from the Blue Lagoon to Reykjavík. On our way to Reykjavík, we will drive along the west coast, and through Hafnarfjörður, the small town in the Lava.

What's included?

Everything included, except lunch. Comfort ticket to the Blue Lagoon is included, a towel, 1 complimentary drink and silica mask. We can upgrade your ticket if you want to Premium or Luxury. We can also book in water massage for you if you wish. Please send us a line if you like an upgrade!

Comfort (included); entrance, towel, 1 complimentary drink and silica mask (included)

Premium; comfort ticket plus slippers, robe and algae mask (+28 USD)

Luxury; private changing room (please contact us when you book the tour with us)

In water massage; please contact us when you book the tour with us!


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