About Us

SouthTrips is your best partner for planning your stay in the south of Iceland. We believe that every customer is unique and we always aim to establish a personal relationship.

Who we are

SouthTrips was founded 2016 in Iceland by Sturla after noticing the large number of similar tours of varying quality in Icelands tourism industry.

South Trips strives to keep its selection simple: personal service and an unique experience. All tours offered by SouthTrips have been hand picked by our staff to meet our highest standards

We pride ourselves in planning the best private tours that money can buy in Iceland. Whether you are an individual or a group, our team of experts will make sure your Iceland experience is unique and tailored to your needs. All of our guides are friendly and knowledgeable and their prime focus is on making sure that all guests get the most from the experience.



Vættaborgum 68

112 Reykjavík

Kt: 211087-3749

VSK/VAT: 127783